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The most beautiful castle on Lake Constance

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Welcome to Arenenberg!

Who can resist the magic of Arenenberg Castle? Even back in the Middle Ages, powerful patrician families made their home on “Narrenberg”, or “Fool’s Hill”, as it was then known, overlooking Lake Constance. Centuries later, in 1816, Queen Hortense, step-daughter and sister-in-law of Napoleon I, chose Arenenberg as her place of exile. This is where she raised her son, Louis Napoleon, who later became Emperor of France after several failed attempts. His playground was a large, landscaped park with secret pathways and grottos and of course the seemingly infinite expanse of the lake! In furnishing the castle, Hortense compensated for having to live in exile by introducing a style and interior design that followed the trends of Parisian society. She created a home away from home, which is still considered the “most beautiful castle on Lake Constance”.

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